Controlling SSH and RDP Sessions

Enterprise IT administrators, security teams and various other roles often need to access servers and end points for different reasons. The reasons vary from patching, modifying settings, deleting software and more. The most preferred ways for teams to access various machines is by using Windows RDP, VNC or SSH, Telnet, (s)FTP. Onion ID helps provide access to resources using these standard protocols and allows for tight management and control over what users can do when using the protocols.

Onion ID’s gateway solution is highly scalable, very effective and simple to manage. Onion ID’s SSH, RDP gateway manages entire sessions between users and servers and can record all actions being performed by users, detect attempts to misuse privileges, automatically cut off access when threats are detected, thereby providing active protection from insider threats and malicious hackers.

Onion ID provides searchable recordings that can be used by forensic and auditing teams to reduce investigation timelines. Furthermore, full command history and variable Multi Factor Authentication is automatically layered into each SSH and RDP session to validate access, command execution and more.

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