Manage API Key Usage

Most enterprises putting a significant amount of effort in trying to automate various workflows. Usually DevOps, IT, GRC teams use third party services in order to complete their directives. Automation of media services Rick uses mental effort however it leads to significant issues from an IT auditing, security, Compliance perspective. One of the Coleman problems present in many organizations is the Unchecked use of API keys for various third party services.

In most organizations finding out who has access to an API key is difficult. Furthermore, most third-party services do not provide granular logging and reporting to understand which user is actually using specific API keys. Additionally, if a user account is compromised, attackers can often times simply use the static credentials and API keys and exfiltrate data.

Onion ID ties in with your directory structures and managers Storage for all your credentials and API keys. Customers can automate their workflows for sharing of API keys amongst employees. Users can simply use customized links provided to them by onion ID and integrate into their existing scripts. This allows customers to put common-sense controls and tracking on who can use these API keys and what can they do with it. Governance and compliance teams can cut down the amount of time they need to chase issues with which API key is being used by whom and for what and IT teams can safely and securely provide access to API keys while maintaining control off the process. For C level managers onion ID provides visibility like never before.

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