Managing Least Privilege

Enterprises often struggle with layering least privilege on servers, applications and other assets. The need for layering least privilege arises from the concept of separation of duties. Not all employees should be able to use resources like servers and applications equally. Deploying accounts with least privilege helps prevent insider threats, misuse of rights and access and data exfiltration due to breaches.

Onion ID simplifies the process of layering least privilege. With its simple privilege management workflows, Onion ID helps IT administrators, security teams and IT risk managers quickly and effectively specify who can do what, when, where from, using which device and more. Onion ID helps provide visibility into how much access, rights, privileges any employee has on company assets. This helps guide administrators on where to focus energy and analyze risky privilege grants in a controlled fashion.

With Onion ID no employee account will go unchecked and will not be overlooked. Onion ID ties in with your existing directory structures, configuration management systems and more to pull in and discover who belongs to which groups and what type of access is already allowed. With Onion ID customers can then fine tune group level of user level access rights based on the importance of the server or application that is being accessed.

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