Insider Threat Protection

Most enterprises store critical customer information such as names, phone numbers, emails, social security numbers, bank account information, personal addresses and much more. Insider threats can lead to the exfiltration off these critical pieces of information. Solving this extremely convoluted challenge is it difficult for most enterprises. Enterprises need to balance providing access to applications and servers with controlling who can do what with the access rights that have been provided.

Onion ID helps enterprises provide the right amount of access and privileges do their administrators and employees yet layering on the right amount of security. Onion ID helps implement the least privilege across all applications and all the servers. Customers can specify at a fine granular level what an administrator or user can and cannot do with the access that has been provided. Even if an employee has malicious intentions onion ID prevents the misuse off the privileges that have been provided to employee.

Onion ID helps customers set up checkpoints inside any application or server. These checkpoints can be configured in a flexible manner so that customers can choose to protect any button, Any form, Any text, Any action inside a web application or SaaS service. Similarly customers can set up checkpoints when employees and administrators access cloud servers. Customers can also specify how employees and administrators need to navigate these checkpoints. If misuse of privileges are attempted onion ID automatically cuts off axis and generates alerts.

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