Control Web Access to Databases

Databases are an essential resource for most organizations to store important information. Access to production databases that contain customer information is of great importance for IT security, compliance and risk management teams. This has traditionally been a challenge for most organizations as they need to balance access rights and security. Now there is a happy medium with Onion ID.

Onion ID helps customers control access to critical databases in an effective yet easy manner. Oracle, MySQL, PostGres and more can all be accessed over SSH and Onion ID manages authentication, authorization and auditing for the entire session. Multi Factor Authentication can be layered on top of this access, without installing any piece of software on the server running the database. This simplifies management and allows customers a flexible way to comply with PCI DSS 3.2 regulations.

Onion ID can record entire database access sessions, provide time based access, report and log actions, generate alerts and cut off connections – all in an automated manner. Managing databases access does not need to be manually intensive or complicated. Onion ID focuses on simplifying workflows and provides built in reporting and auditing thereby cutting down operational effort for all involved.

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