Control Shared Access to Social Media Websites

Enterprises often have multiple social media comes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Various teams inside these organizations ranging from marketing to sales to HR and more need access to these social media accounts. Onion ID helps in the sharing of these social media accounts in a controlled and safe manner. Customers can balance ease of use and security with this one product.

Most social media services do not provide fine grained control for what certain users can do when they access shared social media accounts. This creates problems for enterprises that needs to comply with various types of compliance regimes like SOX, SOC2, PCI, EU-US Data Privacy laws and more. One of the common issues that often becomes a problem is when many people access the same shared account. Is a common challenge to identify who posted or modified a specific piece of content and who may have changed settings on the account itself.

Onion ID makes attribution of actions on social media accounts easy and transparent. With onion ID customers can share access to shared social media accounts with time limits and can put boundaries on what an employee can do once they have access to shared account. From an attribution perspective onion ID can also provide complete session recordings for forensic investigations to show what an employee has done on the shared account. Onion IDS mobile application allows employees to access useful shared social media accounts directly from their phones.

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