Contractor / 3rd Party Access Control

Enterprises often use third-party contractors to perform various activities and supplement their internal teams. This often creates workflows that are manually intensive and unsafe from a compliance perspective. Common problems in this media include account creation for contractors, access grants, rights management and contractor off boarding. IT teams spend manual effort on setting up accounts for contractor and have to keep tabs on when contractor access needs to expire. Furthermore, compliance and risk assessment teams often struggle with collecting data to prove that the contractor walls order was not in compliance with all policies.

Onion ID helps enterprises embrace third party contractors and at the same time layer the right amount of security and privilege management on these temporary accounts. Customers can use onion ID in a hybrid mode and specify which contractor has access to what type of applications, servers, accounts –all in an automated manner and with time restrictions. Onion ID also helps GRC and security teams provide insurance that contractors are not in violation of any existing policies.

Onion ID cuts down the amount of manual effort spent by IT and security teams. With its API suite Onion ID can be integrated into automated workflows and ticketing systems to streamline access grants for contractors and to evoke access automatically.

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