Compliance & Reporting

Onion ID helps compliance and governance teams cut down the amount of time they need for data collection, processing, reporting and auditing. Compliance regimes like PCI DSS 3.2, SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, ISO 27001 and more, all I have various requirements that an enterprise needs to abide by. In most cases, compliance regulations dictate that access to sensitive data must be carefully controlled, managed, logged and reported upon if any deviations are detected. Onion ID helps enterprises simplify compliance reporting.

Onion ID compiled data from many sources such as existing directory structures, existing configuration management systems, existing Single sign-on Systems and more. Onion ID helps build a complete privilege based the risk profile for every user, Every user group, Every application and server. Onion ID provides one button compliance report generation. Customers can quickly find out how many users have access to which applications, what can they do on these applications and servers.

Onion ID is focused on reducing the amount of manual effort needed for compliance and reporting. Onion ID reports can be customized, Exported to PDF and even sent directly via email to IT auditors. Onion ID provides a complete view of what is going on inside your organization. Customers can see privilege and access related information for both web applications and servers.

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