Layering MFA for any SaaS app or Server

Onion ID makes the impossible, possible. Enterprises often have to comply with compliance regimes like PCI DSS 3.2, SOC2, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FFIEC and more. These compliance regimes require the implementation of Multi Factor Authentication on administrative access and when sensitive data is accessed. This a continuous challenge for many IT and security teams as many types of servers and applications do not provide Multi Factor Authentication support by default.

Onion ID helps layer Multi Factor Authentication on any web application or any server without installing a single piece of code on either. No changes are needed to the code base of your legacy, home grown, on premise or SaaS web application or to you servers whether they be in AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, private data centers or elsewhere. Typically, IT teams will spend days and weeks configuring various pieces of software like troublesome PAM modules and binaries on infrastructure to achieve their goals. This creates high maintenance workloads that bog down teams in the long run.

With Onion ID’s gateway solution, implementing Multi Factor Authentication on any server or application becomes downright simple. As users access any resources Onion ID layers on different types of Multi Factor Authentication ranging from Geofencing, Geoproximity, Fingerprint Sensing, Airshake and more based on who is connecting, to what, when and from where. Teams can achieve compliance quickly and balance security and ease of use without being forced to deploy the same amount of user friction in front of every single application or server.

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