Bridge AD for *NIX Account Control

Onion ID integrates with Microsoft active directory LDAP and Workday like directory structures. Onion ID makes it easy to create user accounts and manage them on infrastructure like cloud servers that do not work natively with these directory structures. Customers can specify using onion ID when a user account gets created, when a user account is given access rights, when is the account deleted, specify who can authorize access grants and much more. Onion ID can extract User, Group, Role information from existing directory structures. Subsequently Onion ID can integrate with existing configuration managers like Salt, Puppet, Ansible, Chef and more. This allows onion ID to map user access to infrastructure and applications already deployed in the organization.

With Onion ID customers do not have to install any agents, binaries or PAM modules on their cloud servers. Onion ID provides a transparent, easy and simple way to automate workflows relating to on boarding and off boarding of users. Customers simply make changes to their existing directory structures an onion ID syncs with them every couple of minutes pulling in any changes, New entries or deletions. This helps to remove any manual effort needed for IT, GRC and Security teams.

Onion ID helps customers keep their directory structures as the single source of truth and make changes in one centralized location. Onion ID syncs with your directory structure every few minutes allowing customers to only make changes to active directory and old changes percolate automatically to cloud servers, web applications, SaaS services and more.

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