Sharing Access

Enterprises often need to provide access to certain privileged accounts to more than one person in their teams. This leads to privilege creep and unsafe, bloated access rights. Onion ID breaks away from tradition and turns the check in and check out of passwords for shared accounts on its head. With Onion ID enterprises easily and effectively specify who has access to which shared account but credentials are never transferred to employees.

Enterprises can safely share access to shared accounts on any SaaS service or web apps. Marketing related applications like Twitter, Linkedin, FaceBook, Instagram accounts can be painful to manage especially as many individuals have access to the same account and have the same rights and privileges. Onion ID simplifies the process of account sharing. Using time based sharing, web app session recording customers can get the confidence they need in order to pass all compliance and security checklists.

Onion ID helps implement the Trust but Verify security model. Access sharing is done in a controlled manner where authorization grants are tracked and are recorded, logged appropriately. Requests can be logged in ticket tracking systems and can be tied to Onion ID APIs for automated workflows. Essentially providing access quickly to who needs it but maintain checks and balances in an automated manner.

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