Server PAM


Prevent misuse of cloud servers, layer separation of duties and cut time for compliance

SSH and RDP Access Control

Simplify the process of granting access to servers as needed by your IT, Security and Development teams. Control, who has access to Windows and Linux machines, when, for how long and specify what can and cannot be done using that access. Access can be cut off immediately and automatically if misuse of access privileges is attempted.

Session Recording & Playback

Complete session recording for implementing the “Trust but Verify” security paradigm. Helps security and IT governance teams to show quick and full compliance with regulations for SOC2, SOX, PCI DSS 3.2, HIPAA, NERC CIP, ISO 27001 and more. Save time when forensic evidence needs to be presented for review.


Searchable Logs

Capability to export out JSON and syslog information. Help security, IT and GRC teams quickly create alerts and respond to any deviations by an employee account. Session videos, logs, events, alerts are all accessible via RST APIs for quickly extracting incident information.

Zero Agent

Onion ID does not force installation of 3rd party software on your servers. Allow your DevOps, IT and Security teams to breathe easy – not another agent to manage and install. Gateway based solution tunnels traffic through it and allows for easy on/off functionality for any server or cluster.



Robust set of REST based JSON APIs. Documentation includes complete error codes, descriptions, samples of parameter values, response text information and much more. Onion ID’s APIs can be integrated directly with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt scripts or directly in Go, Python, Java, C, C++, C#, .NET, JS code.

Command Filtering

Prevent misuse of privileges for any employee account on your AWS, Rackspace, in-premise, datacenter servers. Specify what commands and actions are not allowed when access to a server is granted. Any attempt to misuse privileges leads to automated termination of access privileges and alerts for authorization to appropriate IT owners are raised.

See what people are saying

Most security products are cumbersome to use with not enough emphasis on usability. Onion ID strikes the right balance.

Dallas KashubaCo-Founder – Dreamhost

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