Secret Storage


Prevent sensitive information from being hardcoded, get visibility into who is using what


Automated Key Rotations

Simplify your compliance and security workflows. Automate the process of generating, rotating, replacing, revoking SSH keys from all your infrastructure on AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean or any other IaaS vendor. Choose your individual timespan and Onion ID can simply rotate all keys with zero manual intervention.


Cloud-based Password Vault

Streamline password storage and management. Break away from the standard check in and check out of passwords. Make it transparent to end users where the password is stored and when it is being changed, thus helping keep the user experience smooth and easy.


Manage Admin & User Rights

Tie in with Active Directory, LDAP, Google, Okta and specify groups who should have elevated access. Time based access at a group level to a cluster of servers. Ability to perform both granular and bulk modifications to access rights.


Time-based Admin Access

Onion ID allows access to be granted down to the granularity of a few minutes all the way to years. Time based access is automatically revoked once the time limit runs out. No manual intervention is needed and all actions and authorizations are duly recorded and logged.


Share Accounts Securely

Break away from the standard process of sharing credentials. Instead Onion ID makes it really simple to share access without sharing credentials amongst employees. Onion ID helps share accounts between users and also records what each user does in the shared account for forensics and auditing.

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I wish I had OnionID when I was running my cloud managed services business. Would have saved my team so much time!

Ben CherianDirector, Partnerships, Alliances, Channel – Redhat

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