Get granular control to specify what an employee can see, click on, fill out and modify


Least Privilege for SaaS Apps

Ensure that different employees in your organization have the appropriate rights and privileges on any web application. Specify what an employee is allowed to click on, read, modify on any web application. Customized user experience based on AD group membership, Google group membership and more.


Build Custom User Admin Roles

Specify what a user can and cannot accomplish on any web application. Existing directory structures like Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Workday can be used to pull in various roles into Onion ID. Enhance the roles to attach access-rights at a fine granular level. Keep existing roles but add additional access rights for web apps.


Control SaaS Access & Rights

Grant, manage and revoke access to SaaS applications. Automate the process of revoking access and rights from employee accounts using Time Based Access Grants. Specify who gets access to what, down to a fine grained level of which button can be clicked, which text can be read, which form can be filled and much more.


One Button Audit & Compliance

Simplify the governance, risk and compliance processes. Save GRC and IT teams hours in the process of gathering audit and compliance information. Provide risk based scoring showing who has how much access to which resources, helping customers focus on high risk access rights first.


Track Usage for SaaS applications

Track usage of each and every SaaS application. Understand which employees have orphan accounts on any SaaS application. Onion ID pays for itself by identify areas where cost reduction can be achieved.

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Onion ID makes everyone’s job easier with transparent user log in, enhanced password security and guaranteed regulatory compliance.

Dan BurkeSr. Infosec Manager – Workday

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