Security, Visibility, Auditing


Create employee and contractor accounts on cloud servers and applications automatically. Behavior based security and dynamic privilege management protect from hackers and insider threats. Customizable policies and reporting puts you in control and gives you 100% visibility.

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Infrastructure Access Management

Protect Access to your Servers

We make sure that only employees get access to your Cloud Servers and Containers. With a zero software agent approach no modifications are needed to your servers. We make it simple to secure access to your infrastructure.

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Dynamic Privilege Management


Easily specify which employee can access what on a website or server. Each action is risk scored using machine learning to detect and prevent threats. Policy setup is easy, flexible and no changes are needed to your website or server.

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Activity Visibility

Activity and forensic reports for compliance

Find out which servers, applications and websites your employees are using. Get detailed reports on alerts and invalid actions. Employee session recording reduces time to compile forensic and compliance reports. Real time visibility into your organization.

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License Management

Control your cloud IT spending

Get detailed reports on how well your team is utilizing money spent on cloud services. Identify accounts that are not used. Reduce your threat risk profile and costs. Set up custom spending alerts. Identity groups responsible for costs to allocate resources efficiently.

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Invisible Identity Verification

No more SMSes or 6 digit codes

We help your employees get access to what they need without putting roadblocks. Two Factor Authentication is annoying. With us there are no 8 digit codes to login, no hardware to carry. With multiple choices like Geofencing, Geoproximity, Touch ID we make security and usability merge beautifully

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User Management

Account creation,
passwords and more

With automatic password resets, LDAP/AD integration we make life easy for customers. We integrate with your central directory to maintain a single source of truth. Templates help to automatically create user accounts for new employees and disable accounts for the ones leaving.

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