Incorrect Passwords

How to Create Strong, Memorable Passwords

Every day we use passwords to access our email, look at our bank accounts, make payments, log in to social media and much more. Most users have passwords for at least ten sites, and possibly many more. In most cases, these passwords are all that stand between our personal information and criminals that want to access that data and take advantage of it for their own profit. Imagine if someone could access your bank account, your social media, or your [...]

Why Anybody Can Steal Your Passwords

You juggle dozens of user names and passwords these days, especially if your business uses multiple cloud services. It's nearly impossible to come up with new passwords, change them regularly, and resist the temptation to use the same password for everything — or write it all down on paper. Data breaches impact companies large and small on a regular basis, and anyone can steal your passwords; it's not all that hard to do. When Malware Ruins Your Day Malware comes in [...]