Is Your IT Security a Roadblock For Your Employees?

Is Your IT Security a Roadblock For Your Employees?

Many employees feel like they are facing roadblocks in their workplace; barriers created by the increasingly stringent security methods required to protect today’s organizations from a wide range of digital threats. And what happens when we meet a roadblock? We try to go around it - we seek an alternative route, a quicker and more effective way to reach our destination. This is the challenge that many organizations face today: that the same barriers we rely on to protect our organizations [...]

25 Must-Read Blogs for CIO’s

CIO stands for many different things. The “I” can stand for Information, Innovation, Integration, Infrastructure, and the title differs from one company to another. Much like the title, the responsibilities vary widely, but they are always several and weighty. The position requires skills and knowledge from different fields, as the CIO sets the technological direction of the company, manages IT projects, supervises team, etc. Blogs written by peers and experts in related fields are a great source of inspiration and [...]

Cloud-Based Management Makes the Difference

Cloud-Based Management Makes the Difference

A majority of the front-end services we interact with on a daily basis utilize cloud-based resources. With such popularity, we must not only gain an understanding as to why this is, but also if we are to consider it for our own implementation. In this blog we delve into the ease of use of cloud-based privileges along with how they work at the enterprise level. Implementation Converting previously internal hosting and IT infrastructure to externally hosted resources is no [...]

Why VPN isn't needed anymore in Enterprise security

Why VPNs aren’t needed anymore

The development of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) was made necessary due to the exponential growth experienced by companies in the time we first saw tunneling protocols emerge. Current iterations of the technology enable organizations to coordinate resources and communications unlike any other internet-based system. By offering an extension to typically in-house networks, businesses were able to expand their private network to multiple geographic locations. Despite once offering the epitome of network security and accessibility, the use of client-based technologies [...]

Data Breach

Recovering from a Data Breach

The worst has happened, and you've discovered that your business has been the victim of a data breach. What do you do next? Many businesses are facing this problem every day, with cybercrime representing a significant and growing threat. Although it’s the breaches at large corporations that make the headlines, small businesses are just as at risk, if not more so. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that small businesses are the target in 71% of security breaches, and with less [...]

Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Is Your Business Vulnerable?

Identity theft is a hugely personal crime, targeting individuals, taking their personal information, and then using it for gain. But it isn’t just individuals who are being affected: there is a serious and rising risk to businesses. Successfully targeting a business is often no harder than targeting an individual, but the rewards that come with a successful ID theft can be far greater. Criminals frequently target businesses for several key reasons: Businesses have more money in their bank accounts. When opening a [...]

Has your email been hacked? Here’s what to do next

Has your email been hacked? Here’s what to do next!

We’ve all received them: the slightly suspicious looking emails, purportedly from a close friend or family member, which encourage us to click on a strange link inside. These emails, somewhat irritating and often poorly spelled, are the symptom of a much larger problem: hackers are getting more and more adept at gaining access to our email accounts. If your friends and colleagues are getting these emails from your account, then you have been hacked. Someone, somewhere in the world, has [...]

6 Mistakes Your Business Makes To Protect Teams Against Cyber-Threats

6 Mistakes Your Business Makes To Protect Teams Against Cyber-Threats

Companies are constantly adding and removing user privileges as employees come and go. In the digital world however, there are risks associated with the revolving door of user accounts and passwords, especially when a company forgets to remove user access to company apps after releasing an employee. This issue has come to the forefront as hiring contractors has become more common. Microsoft has reported to have 2/3 as many contractors as full time employees and sole proprietors reported a [...]