Choosing the right bullet: targeted vs broad solutions for security concerns

Tom Seo from Envision Ventures (investors in Onion ID) recently published a high quality enterprise security article on Techcrunch. The article provides a very logical run down of the situation for enterprise security as it stands today. In fact the material can be interpreted as a good thought leadership position paper. Tom has done a great job at grasping a lot of what goes on in the enterprise security space. Tom has been kind enough to recognize any advice [...]

Is your Business Audit-Ready? Four Key Data Questions You Must Answer

Is your Business Audit-Ready? Four Key Data Questions You Must Answer

Audit – a word that is certain to strike fear and trepidation into almost any IT professional. Yet in an environment where hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear about one business or another being hacked, audits are essential. Losing control of valuable customer data can leave a business open to lawsuits and fines, and the damage to done to your reputation can be even more costly. Depending on your business, your audit might be necessary to comply with [...]

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Did John run rm –rf*? Why enterprises use session recording

For those of us who have been in Enterprise IT teams and DevOps groups it is a fact of life to be called in to investigate an incident. The incident in question can range from – we think we have been hacked to we are being sued we need to get data to prove our case. I am going to talk about the centre of this wide spectrum – employee activity validation. What is the problem? Your business runs on certain [...]