The 10 World's Biggest Insider Breaches Of All Time

The 10 World’s Biggest Insider Breaches Of All Time

Over the last 15 years, the frequency and number of data or insider breaches has increased immensely, with each new year beating the previous in the number of stolen records. As the number of exposed records continues to rise – over 6 million records exposed last year only in US – companies are allocating more and more resources in building a “cyber wall” to protect themselves from sophisticated attackers who want to get in. In reality, a much bigger threat [...]

Limiting Damage from Data Breaches

Limiting Damage from Data Breaches

Data breaches hitting the headlines used to be a rarity, but today it is unusual to go a week without hearing about another business being affected. So far, 2016 has seen numerous attacks, including: In January, FACC, an aerospace parts manufacturer that supplies heavy-hitters Boeing and Airbus, was the victim of cyber fraud. Instead of stealing data, the hackers used their access to steal €50 million ($54.5 million) in liquid funds from the business. In February, hackers breached the database of [...]

Data Breach

Recovering from a Data Breach

The worst has happened, and you've discovered that your business has been the victim of a data breach. What do you do next? Many businesses are facing this problem every day, with cybercrime representing a significant and growing threat. Although it’s the breaches at large corporations that make the headlines, small businesses are just as at risk, if not more so. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that small businesses are the target in 71% of security breaches, and with less [...]