Onion ID – Our story, goals and vision

We started Onion ID in early 2015, a little more than a year ago. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most technically astute people that acquired my last company, StopTheHacker, a couple of years back. It was a really wonderful experience. It was time to follow up on a burning itch to solve a problem that I had seen come up again and again and had heard about from many peers – privilege management. Why Privilege [...]

Webinar - How To Identify, Track & Reclaim SaaS License Costs

Webinar – How To Identify, Track And Reclaim SaaS License Costs

In this webinar, Anirban Banerjee, Founder and CEO of Onion ID, covers the process of tracking and reclaiming license costs associated with cloud services. Despite their established benefits, cloud services are also associated with hidden but significant costs that are often overlooked by businesses. Thankfully, by tracking SaaS license usage and implementing an efficient strategy for Privilege Access Management (PAM), you can take control of your costs and get the maximum efficiency out of your budget. When you are paying, [...]

Webinar – Behavior Based Authentication to Protect IT Assets

Webinar – Behavior Based Authentication to Protect IT Assets

Securing IT infrastructure is a critical task that comes with multiple challenges. This task becomes even harder due to the ever-expanding landscape of threats. In our webinar, we highlighted these challenges and threats, and identified important problems with the status quo in IT Security. We then discussed how an Active Authentication approach can rise to the challenge and deliver an end-to-end solution that addresses these problems. Did you miss our Webinar? You can catch up everything in here. (more…)