Protect your Servers, Applications, Admins & Employees in 60sec

Protect your Servers, Applications, Admins & Employees in 60sec

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In just 90sec, we illustrate how Onion ID can help you secure your infrastructure and effectively manage employee access and privileges within your firm.

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos around infrastructure access and employee privilege management today!

You can also find the full video transcript below.

Meet Bruce, an IT manager at Acme Financial Corp. With Onion ID he has full access to the company’s apps and full control over what his employees can see, click, fill out and modify on each application.

John is a junior marketer. Based on his role, seniority, geolocation, and biometric identification, Onion ID grants him access to the applications he needs for his job, but no more than that. For example, John cannot access Financial or HR data.

Onion ID helps Bruce, the manager, manage privileges for cloud services easily without making any changes to the services themselves.

Robert works for Soylent Corp. He needs to access the Salesforce App. Once Onion ID detects his location, Robert gets access without the hassle of a password, SMS message, token, or soft token.

This malicious hacker wants to access Soylent Corp’s Google Analytics app. He is using a tool to crack the password. Onion ID detects that he is not in an approved location, does not match biometrics, and hence prevents access to the account.”

So what can you do with Onion ID?

Manage Privileges for employee accounts on SaaS applications and servers at a fine grained level, without making a single change to your application or server.

You don’t have to be in the dark about what is going on in your organization. Find out how apps are being used by whom, when, from where using what.

Get biometric and 2-factor authentication on any SaaS app or server with zero hassle, in 60 seconds.

Visit Onion ID at and protect privileges on cloud services and servers.

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