Product Updates: Video Session Recording and More

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We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks adding customer requested product updates to Onion ID. Scroll down to see the exciting new, powerful features now available for you and your IT, Security and Compliance teams.

User Access Analytics

We now help customers understand how web applications and servers are being utilized. This helps with providing access rights to specific groups and individuals and prevents any guess work. Learn more

Time based re-authentication

Onion ID provides flexibility in terms of how much multi factor authentication should be presented to a user or groups of users. This helps with enabling more security (more frequent authentication verification) for more important servers and web apps, while reducing friction for non critical operations. Discover more

Blocking series of commands on servers

Get the full power to manage who can do what on a server. Blocking a series of commands helps customers prevent the scenario where malicious employees or hackers try to get access to specific data sources, such as critical databases. This blocks hackers from getting access to sensitive data. See how it works

Variable Password Strength for Apps

Layer the right amount of password security on various web applications. For critical applications, and for SOX, SOC2, PCI compliance Onion ID provides customized password lengths, character sets and much more. Learn more

Video Session Recording for Web Apps

We provide the ability to attribute actions and changes on web apps when multiple employees access the same account. Video session recording provides irrefutable evidence useful for forensics and compliance teams to understand who did what on a shared web application account. Discover more

Yubikey 2FA and Duo 2FA integration

Use Yubikeys as a Two Factor Authentication method to access web applications and servers. Or use your existing Duo 2FA for continuous and adaptive authentication and authorization. You can set up checkpoints inside any web enabled or legacy application and use Duo 2FA as the checkpoints to authorize any type of action by the employee.

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