Onion ID at RSA 2016

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Onion ID, the next generation of Privileged Account Management (PAM) solutions, will be attending this year’s RSA Conference, to be held in San Francisco, Feb 29-Mar 4.

RSA is one of the premier security events, and a great venue for companies to connect with experts in the field and learn how to secure their IT infrastructure. As a company at the forefront of Access and Privilege Management, we  provide an end-to-end solution that allows our customers to prevent insider threats, secure servers and 3rd party apps, and control their spending via efficient license management.

Are you ready take the first step toward Privileged Account Management?
Book an appointment during RSA with one of our experts, for a live demo and consultation.

Onion ID is helping enterprises reduce compliance violations by over 84%, reduce IT and DevOps effort by 2 hours/server or application per month and cuts an average of 15% of cloud SaaS-service licence costs in the first 30 days.

Onion ID provides security, visibility and auditing in one single pane of glass. With Onion ID you can conduct easy management of entitlements and privileges, create audit trails, conduct forensic investigations faster and secure both applications and servers in real time.

Onion ID’s agent-less approach allows you to try the product easily without sinking in development resources. Onion ID focuses on the user experience for its superior offering and makes life simple for the employee, while providing complete control over employee access and entitlements for the IT and Compliance teams.


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