How Can Businesses Protect Their Teams Data, Passwords And Identities

How Can Businesses Protect Their Teams Data, Passwords And Identities

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The job market is changing rapidly and with it, the issue of identity and access management becomes a more and more complex problem for small business. Contractor jobs are the new norm in America, which means employees are coming and going at an ever increasing rate. Finding ways to keep business assets safe, protect devops teams from hanging cloud accounts, and discover new strategies for password management are now top priorities.

Both companies and employees alike are seeing the benefit of outsourcing labor to contractors. It allows teams to focus on their own area of expertise, while taking advantage of a knowledgeable professional that has their own specialty. But as the job market changes, so does the range of security threats that threaten businesses. Outsourcing more labor means giving an even greater number of outsiders access to servers and sensitive information. Creating and deleting accounts becomes a more common occurrence and more attention needs to be paid to systems management. Experts say the tradeoff is worth it, but it definitely helps to be aware of the most common security threats.

It is well known that the number one security threat businesses face today is by employees who already have access to all of their systems. The benefit, of course, is that these employees can be closely monitored until trust is built. But with contractors, you face the double threat unfamiliar employees who have access to sensitive systems. It is wise to consider the level of access these individuals have to data assets. Specifically, companies need to be wary of existing accounts that are no longer active. Hanging cloud accounts make all systems vulnerable by leaving them open to contractors who are not currently employed.

Protect yourself

The good news is there are many tools available today that can help businesses of all sizes manage their accounts and attain the highest level of security possible. Here are just a few:

Multifactor authentication

Two-factor authentication is one way of introducing a tiered security system into your work place. Only allow access to the most sensitive data with the use of a physical key that only administrators and privileged employees have access to.


To share company data with outside users on a one-time basis, OAuth is a perfect solution. It uses specially designed software to allow server access without sharing personal details, making it invaluable in the business world.


Another common practice of digital security is using geofencing servers, which only allow company data to be accessed by users who are within a specified geographic location. It can be extremely helpful in certain situations where certain information is only shared with local workers.

Onion ID

Onion ID is a leading solution that an increasing number of businesses are turning to for comprehensive security management. It is all-in-one infrastructure access security that protects business assets in a snap. To learn more about the above-mentioned security features, or for other suggestions on how you can protect your systems, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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