Diving into the world of Cybersecurity!

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Privileged Access Management, Geofencing, Cybersecurity. Terms that I knew nothing or very little about. Even the word “security” was an entirely different concept in my mind, typically found in common phrases like “security guard” or “security camera”.

When I joined Onion ID and started entering the world of cybersecurity I knew that I would have to do a lot of homework and research to catch up.  I started reading articles and watching videos, in order to understand as much as I could about this new domain. At first, I thought that cybersecurity was something that only really smart people understood and worried about. Then, I started noticing cybersecurity Ads everywhere around me: subway carts, airports, bus stations. I even heard the President of the United States mention the term multiple times during his speeches. Gradually I came to realize the importance of cybersecurity for both firms and individual users.

When Anirban Banerjee first started talking to me about Onion ID’s solution and cryptic terms like “Geofencing” and “Airsign”, I thought I was in over my head. It wasn’t until he actually demonstrated the software and I got to install it on my phone that I realized how intuitive these concepts really are. I found out that cybersecurity goes way beyond simple usernames and passwords. There are far better options that are more secure, more intuitive, and can offer more control that simply logging in and out of an application. Most importantly, I realized that I don’t have to know how to build cybersecurity solutions in order to understand what makes them necessary or in order to distinguish a good solution from a bad one. It’s not enough for a solution to “get the job done”. It needs to be intuitive and easy for the average user. For people like me.

The world is full of people that think of cybersecurity like I used to, before I joined Onion ID: as a highly technical and confusing concept, that has nothing to do with their own lives and business endeavors. The average internet user may indeed be able to afford this type of thinking (although even that is debatable). Unfortunately, for people at the helm of any enterprise that is based on a digital infrastructure, dismissing cybersecurity can be disastrous. Educating yourself on the threats that are lurking in our digital world is the first scary (but critical) step toward a secure business. But fear not: there are people out there that are both able and willing to help!

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