25 Must-Read Blogs for CIO’s

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CIO stands for many different things. The “I” can stand for Information, Innovation, Integration, Infrastructure, and the title differs from one company to another. Much like the title, the responsibilities vary widely, but they are always several and weighty. The position requires skills and knowledge from different fields, as the CIO sets the technological direction of the company, manages IT projects, supervises team, etc.

Blogs written by peers and experts in related fields are a great source of inspiration and advice, either offering a solution to a known problem or helping detecting one. But CIOs can also follow blogs out of curiosity, and the urge to learn and improve.

Here’s our list of sources on topics CIOs need to stay up to speed. 


1. The View From Forrester

This is a blog from Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company, that features articles on some of the best practices in the industry, analysis on the latest trends and issues in the IT world. ZDNet hosts the blog, and in it familiar style, The View from Forrester focuses on issues that matter the most to CIOs.



2. CIO Insight

With a focus on enhancing problem-solving skills and leadership skills, CIO Insights strives to introduce CIOs to the creative aspect of the job. Senior information technology executives and industry experts provide information on corporate management, communication and cooperation and the evolution of technology.



3. TechRepublic

TechRepublic is all about syncing strategies, technologies, and businesses. With the vision of “empowering the people of business and technologies”, TechRepublic has been compiling top-notch content from professionals and offering peer-to-peer advice. With editions for different countries (and continents!), its articles are relevant and thought-provoking.



4. Information Week

InformationWeek is a great place to scoop up on industry news, do’s and don’ts, and practical advice from other IT professionals. It also works as a platform for people in the industry to share their view and experiences with products, strategies, and technologies.



5. CIO.com

A practical source for all CIOs, the website includes blogs from many IT pros. With posts on subject varying from operating systems and apps, to security, networking, and even outsourcing, CIO is surely one of the best resources for CIOs.



6. CIO’s Voice

Arun Manansingh, the man behind A CIO’s Voice, has a different take on things in the IT industry. He writes about his experiences but has decided to spice up CIO advice and insight with humor. Great guidance with a pinch of humor is a recipe for success for any CIO.



7. CIO Journal

Wall Street’s CIO Journal is a blog that, just like its parent publication, meets the status of an authoritative source of news, analysis, and reports in the industry. With insightful articles on big data, security and issues, it’s a must for every CIOs daily blog list.



8. TechNewsWorld’s Tech Blog

ECT News Network extended into the world of technology to give us TechNewsWorld. A well-known online destination for anyone who wants exclusive news from the IT world. The tech blog features interviews on brand new breakthroughs which many CIOs and IT decision makers benefit from.



9. Netflix Tech Blog

What can CIOs learn from Netflix, you ask? A lot! Netflix’s tech blog journals its cloud experience, proving invaluable information based on their own ups and downs. Companies like Netflix using AWS can compare, learn and improve their cloud progression along the way.


10. Onion ID Blog

Our Security Blog is a growing library of insights, advice, and solutions to security issues and data management. As a key concern for any CIO nowadays, they will benefit from the team’s insights into their remarkable vision: privilege management for cloud that’s easy and security inside a company that’s easily adoptable.



11. Search CIO

Search CIOs promotes its Total CIO Blog as a forum for CIOs and the general readers of the website. An excellent team of editors keep questioning and analyzing the growth of the industry and the change of the job of CIO while offering technology management advice, strategies and handpicked best practices.



12. Life as a Healthcare CIO

The everyday musings of a John Halamka, MD, a healthcare CIO prove an interesting read for any CIO or geeky reader curious into both professional and philosophical life of a CIO. The blog boasts many articles on John’s professional life, as he journals his experiences with applications, healthcare data and standardization, and IT regulations in healthcare.


13. ComputerWeekly Blog

ComputerWeekly is a thorough news source, offering the latest news on in all sectors of the industry. Carefully divided, industry sectors, IT Management, and technology make up the bulk of its articles and opinion pieces. Its blog section is a solid collection providing an interesting read of industry-specific themes as well as intersections of technology and other industries or aspects of life.



14. Cloud Sprawl

Getting a hang of the cloud, in terms of exploiting it in as many different ways as possible and managing it safely and easily, is something that still keeps developers and CIO occupied. DivvyCloud sponsored Cloud Sprawl presents itself as a forum to discuss best cloud practices, cloud managements, and its challenges, and technologies that enable an automated functioning of the cloud.



15. CIO Leadership

The HP-sponsored blog focuses on the leadership aspect of the CIO job. The blog discusses strategies and skills managers need to develop as well as a foresight that CIOs should exhibit so they can stand out as leaders in their organization.



16. DZone Blog

DZone Software provides knowledge-driven solution for enterprises helping them build knowledge-sharing online platforms. The stars of their blog are of course posts on knowledge management, collaboration, creating and engaging your community, and the benefits of enterprise software.



17. The Hot Aisle

Stephen O’Donnell, an influential UK CEO (ex CTO) and analyst, offers his personal take on the industry’s twists and turns and professional opinion on the future of IT. He writes about his personal experiences in business and technology practices that work or don’t, with his 30-year experience in hi-tech making him an authority on the subject.



18. Future of CIO

The blog has dubbed itself as “the digital brainyard to fine tune … leadership and reimagine the future of IT.” The prolific blogger, Pearl Zhu, the person behind Future of CIO blogs on team building, decision-making, problem-solving and tech innovation. She offers solutions to breaching the gaps of the inconsistent role of the CIO as tech visionary and business strategist.



19. Forrester’s Blog for CIOs

Forrester’s commitment to the industry and the continued professional development of its members resulted in the Blog for CIOs which advertises its content as “actionable guidance, aligned to your professional role.” The target audience is CIOs, who Forrester believes are one of the key change makers in the technology-empower society. 



20. XChange Events Blog

XChange Events gives CIOs the opportunity to grow their network and strengthen their relationship with peers. Aside from the usual industry advice and best practices sharing, many blog contributors provide an interesting perspective of the human factor of this industry, the sense of success, gender balance, connectedness, and partnership.



21. InfoWorld Tech Blog

InfoWorld has gathered expert industry commentators to give CIOs an in-depth understanding of their industry’s current developments and business trends driven by technology.



22. TechCrunch

If businessman read the Wall Street Journal, then CIOs read TechCrunch. TC provides all startup and tech news in one place, that influence decision-making and offers a glance at the tech world.



23. Cloudyn Blog

The website of the software as a service (SaaS) provider that’s helping companies reach the full potential of their cloud, hosts a blog with noteworthy contributions. Although the focus of most posts is cloud computing in all its aspects, many extend beyond cloud computing, to advise CIO readers on expertise and IT success.



24. APQC Blog

APQC is an authority on best practices, knowledge management, benchmarking and, process and performance improvement. The APQC blog is a source of excellent articles on several different categories, most of which complement the varied job description of CIOs. Posts in the categories of Innovation, IT, Knowledge Management and Process and Performance Management will prove an enlightening read for anyone in the industry.



25. TIBCO Blog

Knowledge management is a real game changer. TIBCO’s blog posts are intended for CIOs who want to use KM strategies with a specific perspective on the set topics of employee expertise, innovation and keeping the creative spark alive.


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