Beyond Passwords: Discovering Multi-Factor Authentication

For the average user, keeping her data private and safe is a priority. The same task is even more important for firms that need to keep their assets protected in order to be able to operate smoothly, as well as to maintain their reputation and competitive advantage. Multi-Factor Authentication comes to the rescue The simplest and most popular line of defense is a standard password-based authentication. Surprisingly, even today, many corporate security systems rely entirely on “secret” passwords. This approach has [...]


Demystifying Acronyms for PAM

PAM stands for Privileged Access Management (Access is often interchanged with Account). The area is also identified as PUM or PIM (User or Identity). There are various acronyms that have been published over the years by various research firms like Gartner and in this article we will go about explaining what they all mean. I would strongly suggest reading Gartner's Market Guide for Privileged Access Management for 2015 by Felix and Anmol. Its a very well written, researched and [...]

Has your email been hacked? Here’s what to do next

Has your email been hacked? Here’s what to do next!

We’ve all received them: the slightly suspicious looking emails, purportedly from a close friend or family member, which encourage us to click on a strange link inside. These emails, somewhat irritating and often poorly spelled, are the symptom of a much larger problem: hackers are getting more and more adept at gaining access to our email accounts. If your friends and colleagues are getting these emails from your account, then you have been hacked. Someone, somewhere in the world, has [...]

Onion ID – Our story, goals and vision

We started Onion ID in early 2015, a little more than a year ago. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most technically astute people that acquired my last company, StopTheHacker, a couple of years back. It was a really wonderful experience. It was time to follow up on a burning itch to solve a problem that I had seen come up again and again and had heard about from many peers – privilege management. Why Privilege [...]

How can a small business password protect itself?

How can a small business password protect itself?

It should come as no surprise that businesses handling any amount of customer data are frequent targets of hack attempts. Hackers may be after credit cards, personal identities, or sensitive company data. The hackers after this information are not typically like you see in Hollywood movies either. They aren’t sitting in front of large Matrix-like terminal screens, watching ASCII characters scroll down the screen. The methods they use are relatively simple and easily obtainable, from brute-force dictionary attacks, to [...]

How do passwords work?

How Do Passwords Work?

If you've been using the internet for any length of time, you've probably accessed tens or even hundreds of websites that require a password. In most places online, a login and password is almost mandatory, regardless of whether you want to post in a forum or buy an item. Some sites even require you to create a username and password just to read their content. But what is going on when you create a password – and how does this [...]

6 Tips for Securing Your WordPress Website Today

6 Tips for Securing Your WordPress Website Today

WordPress is a powerful, easy to use, content management system used by millions of business to create almost any website you can dream up. The developer-friendly nature of the system makes it ideal for a website for anything from a one-man start-up to a large multi-national, and the simple layout and menus in the CMS make it easy for non-technical staff to update and use. Unfortunately, the popularity and usability of the platform is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Hackers [...]

Incorrect Passwords

How to Create Strong, Memorable Passwords

Every day we use passwords to access our email, look at our bank accounts, make payments, log in to social media and much more. Most users have passwords for at least ten sites, and possibly many more. In most cases, these passwords are all that stand between our personal information and criminals that want to access that data and take advantage of it for their own profit. Imagine if someone could access your bank account, your social media, or your [...]

The Agony of Provisioning Users on Cloud-Based Services

The Agony of Provisioning Users on Cloud-Based Services

The Agony of Provisioning Users on Cloud-Based Services In this article, we are going to take a look at the frustrations that businesses may face when provisioning users to cloud-based applications that they use. We will examine the most common difficulties, and how Onion ID can help you to overcome them. Dashboards are often confusing Millions of business users and Internet users experience frustration with online dashboards on a daily basis. Dashboards are often confusing, add to that the hassle of maintaining [...]