Onion ID to present at HostingCon 2016 the latest Privileged Access Management.

Onion ID, one of the most promising startups in the field of Privileged Access Management, will be presenting at this year's HostingCon Global at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. The conference will be held July 24-27 with the aim to serve the professional interests of the Hosting and Cloud Community. As a company at the forefront of Privileged Access Management, Onion ID provides an end-to-end solution that allows businesses to prevent insider threats, secure servers and 3rd [...]

Diving into the world of Cybersecurity!

Privileged Access Management, Geofencing, Cybersecurity. Terms that I knew nothing or very little about. Even the word “security” was an entirely different concept in my mind, typically found in common phrases like “security guard” or “security camera”. When I joined Onion ID and started entering the world of cybersecurity I knew that I would have to do a lot of homework and research to catch up.  I started reading articles and watching videos, in order to understand as much as [...]

Webinar – Turbocharging Okta for Privileged Access Management

Onion ID is a state of the art PAM solution that ties into your Okta installation. No need to recreate user groups and application profiles. Simply enable the Onion ID-Okta integration and you can deliver a 1-2 punch to insider and outsider threats.  Okta first opens the door to various applications for your employees via its SSO mechanism. Onion ID steps in after this initial step and helps you get complete control of what an employee can see, do, [...]

Choosing the right bullet: targeted vs broad solutions for security concerns

Tom Seo from Envision Ventures (investors in Onion ID) recently published a high quality enterprise security article on Techcrunch. The article provides a very logical run down of the situation for enterprise security as it stands today. In fact the material can be interpreted as a good thought leadership position paper. Tom has done a great job at grasping a lot of what goes on in the enterprise security space. Tom has been kind enough to recognize any advice [...]

Mr. Danigelis Named Head of Sales for Onion ID

Onion ID, a leading provider of privileged access management solutions, today announced that security sales veteran Bill Danigelis, joins Onion ID as the Director of sales. With more than 19 years of sales experience, Mr Danigelis joins Onion ID most recently from Cyphort Inc.  Bill brings a proven record of sales success in the commercial and enterprise security markets. His focus has been on bringing emerging security technologies to market and developing channel programs. Danigelis has also held sales positions [...]

Onion ID – Our story, goals and vision

We started Onion ID in early 2015, a little more than a year ago. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most technically astute people that acquired my last company, StopTheHacker, a couple of years back. It was a really wonderful experience. It was time to follow up on a burning itch to solve a problem that I had seen come up again and again and had heard about from many peers – privilege management. Why Privilege [...]