Tur-Duck-En Security for IT and DevOps

Tur-Duck-En Security for IT and DevOps

Thanksgiving is a popular US tradition. Being an immigrant to this great country it has always been something I have looked forward to. I am excited to have my family and friends around the table, enjoy good food, catch up, laugh and have a great time. I got thinking this year about Tur-duck-en. Why am I talking about Tur-duck-en when it comes to enterprise security? The reason is that as of now enterprise security in most companies is like a [...]

Session Recording - Header Image

Did John run rm –rf*? Why enterprises use session recording

For those of us who have been in Enterprise IT teams and DevOps groups it is a fact of life to be called in to investigate an incident. The incident in question can range from – we think we have been hacked to we are being sued we need to get data to prove our case. I am going to talk about the centre of this wide spectrum – employee activity validation. What is the problem? Your business runs on certain [...]

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A better way to manage SSH Keys

For IT administrators, DevOps leads and developers SSH Keys are a way of life. These little gibberish looking files, placed in esoteric .ssh folders inside your laptop or cloud server is the plumbing that makes all the applications and scripts work together. However, SSH key management is a severe pain for many organizations. A little exercise for you: "Are you affected?" How about a little exercise? Send a quick email to your IT lead/DevOps lead and ask them – how often [...]

Halloween Zombie Eyes

How Halloween inspired me on IT Infrastructure Access Control

Last year while giving candy to some very cute children in my neighborhood I was suddenly reminded of server access security! Bear with me for a bit as I take you on a journey through my random security oriented thoughts. Trick or Treat and Halloween Costumes My family and I usually give candy (the good kind mind you, no tootsie rolls) every year to lots of young children who visit our house in a residential neighborhood here in the Bay Area. [...]