Take Control Back From 3rd Party SaaS Apps Today

Take Control Back From 3rd Party SaaS Apps Today

When a business uses a 3rd party SaaS application, they are entrusting another organization to handle some of their data and processes. There are many advantages to this: businesses receive a high value service at a lower cost to what they would pay for providing the same service internally. Using a 3rd party service also enables your business to save time and money spent developing a solution, enabling you to get started straight away. As more and more businesses use [...]

Eight ways identity, access management will certainly change in the enterprise

Eight Ways Identity and Access Management will change in the Enterprise

Identity access management commonly referred to as IAM is a structured way of managing electronic or even automated business processes. With the advanced use of technology to run the businesses it is important that access to business systems is well managed though proper authentication. Use of IAM system seeks to ensure that this is properly done. Businesses really should consider identity management evolving to become less expensive, much more scalable, faster to be able to deploy, much more intelligent, tuned [...]

PCI DSS 3.2 – Complying with 2FA requirements without trying

Welcome to the new age of PCI 3.2. Its not radically different and you do have time till Jan 30 of 2018 to comply with the new guidelines. Then why is this article being written? What is the rush here? Once you scratch under the surface of PCI DSS 3.2 you'll quickly realize that there is something not quite so simple lurking underneath. Read through the draft and you'll find language that identifies the need to have 2 Factor Authentication [...]