Beyond Passwords: Discovering Multi-Factor Authentication

For the average user, keeping her data private and safe is a priority. The same task is even more important for firms that need to keep their assets protected in order to be able to operate smoothly, as well as to maintain their reputation and competitive advantage. Multi-Factor Authentication comes to the rescue The simplest and most popular line of defense is a standard password-based authentication. Surprisingly, even today, many corporate security systems rely entirely on “secret” passwords. This approach has [...]

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication – A Primer

As people and companies become increasingly aware of the security risks involved in having many log-ins for many applications, methods of stronger security have been introduced over the years. Two-factor authentication isn’t necessarily new, but it has steadily improved and utilized new techniques that have made it a favorite security measure of many companies and end-users. What is 2 Factor Authentication? 2 Factor Authentication is a security method that utilizes two factor classes to make it exceedingly difficult for hackers to [...]