Protect your Servers, Applications, Admins & Employees in 60sec

Protect your Servers, Applications, Admins & Employees in 60sec

In just 90sec, we illustrate how Onion ID can help you secure your infrastructure and effectively manage employee access and privileges within your firm. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos around infrastructure access and employee privilege management today! You can also find the full video transcript below. Meet Bruce, an IT manager at Acme Financial Corp. With Onion ID he has full access to the company’s apps and full control over what his employees can see, click, fill out and modify on each [...]


This year we will be at BlackHat USA 2016 in Las Vegas!  As one of the premier security conferences, BlackHat brings together a variety of people interested in information security. We would love to meet you during the conference, please book an appointment with one of our security experts and join us in the Onion ID suite at Mandalay Bay (same hotel as the conference). Please click here to book a time slot. As a team, we are very passionate [...]

Onion ID to present at HostingCon 2016 the latest Privileged Access Management.

Onion ID, one of the most promising startups in the field of Privileged Access Management, will be presenting at this year's HostingCon Global at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. The conference will be held July 24-27 with the aim to serve the professional interests of the Hosting and Cloud Community. As a company at the forefront of Privileged Access Management, Onion ID provides an end-to-end solution that allows businesses to prevent insider threats, secure servers and 3rd [...]

Beyond Passwords: Discovering Multi-Factor Authentication

For the average user, keeping her data private and safe is a priority. The same task is even more important for firms that need to keep their assets protected in order to be able to operate smoothly, as well as to maintain their reputation and competitive advantage. Multi-Factor Authentication comes to the rescue The simplest and most popular line of defense is a standard password-based authentication. Surprisingly, even today, many corporate security systems rely entirely on “secret” passwords. This approach has [...]

Easily Complying with CIS/CSC 20 controls

Welcome to a brave new world where governments have started to recognize the significant work being done by security groups to shore up our defenses against malware, data compromise and account misuse. A prime example of this is the California Attorney General's statement which puts emphasis on making sure that businesses understand it’s not going to be business as usual anymore. In this article we will talk about what CIS 20 controls stands for and the highlights of the Attorney [...]

Diving into the world of Cybersecurity!

Privileged Access Management, Geofencing, Cybersecurity. Terms that I knew nothing or very little about. Even the word “security” was an entirely different concept in my mind, typically found in common phrases like “security guard” or “security camera”. When I joined Onion ID and started entering the world of cybersecurity I knew that I would have to do a lot of homework and research to catch up.  I started reading articles and watching videos, in order to understand as much as [...]

PCI DSS 3.2 – Complying with 2FA requirements without trying

Welcome to the new age of PCI 3.2. Its not radically different and you do have time till Jan 30 of 2018 to comply with the new guidelines. Then why is this article being written? What is the rush here? Once you scratch under the surface of PCI DSS 3.2 you'll quickly realize that there is something not quite so simple lurking underneath. Read through the draft and you'll find language that identifies the need to have 2 Factor Authentication [...]

Complying with the EU Data Protection Regulation

Welcome one and all to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). This is a piece of legislation, that got passed in April of 2016. This piece of regulation is critical in that it determines the extent of data privacy, sharing across borders from the EU to external entities. If you or your company is dealing with the personally identifiable information of European citizens you need to pay attention to this compliance regulation. In this article we are going [...]

Webinar – Turbocharging Okta for Privileged Access Management

Onion ID is a state of the art PAM solution that ties into your Okta installation. No need to recreate user groups and application profiles. Simply enable the Onion ID-Okta integration and you can deliver a 1-2 punch to insider and outsider threats.  Okta first opens the door to various applications for your employees via its SSO mechanism. Onion ID steps in after this initial step and helps you get complete control of what an employee can see, do, [...]

Mr. Danigelis Named Head of Sales for Onion ID

Onion ID, a leading provider of privileged access management solutions, today announced that security sales veteran Bill Danigelis, joins Onion ID as the Director of sales. With more than 19 years of sales experience, Mr Danigelis joins Onion ID most recently from Cyphort Inc.  Bill brings a proven record of sales success in the commercial and enterprise security markets. His focus has been on bringing emerging security technologies to market and developing channel programs. Danigelis has also held sales positions [...]