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Our goal is to make privilege management for cloud applications, servers, hosted databases, containers, APIs, secrets and on premise infrastructure, internal databases and VDI environments downright easy. We want to make it so where an employee of a company does not feel that their access is being protected by any security system – make security near invisible.

The Onion ID team comprises of serial entrepreneurs, security experts, security – product and marketing experts and a talented team of developers. The team is headed by Anirban Banerjee, Ph.D. and we are actively hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay). Our VP of Engineering James Greene leads our technical operations. Our investors and advisors range from the CEOs of brand name security companies to VCs who have been in Silicon Valley for decades. Our team is vibrant, friendly and very collaborative.

The Onion ID team is distributed across the San Francisco Bay Area (Located in Hayward, CA) and in Cochin, India. We work using the latest stable technologies and focus on scalability, security and long term investments to reduce technical debt.

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Onion ID brings online corporate security to new levels in terms of both effectiveness and ease of use.

Dr. Petros Faloutsos
Associate Professor – York University

Onion ID Inc.

3526 Investment Blvd., Suite 221, Hayward, CA 94545

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